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Installing TortoiseSVN to Windows Vista

In a previous article, I installed Subversion and TortoiseSVN to a Windows XP Home Edition machine. Later, I upgraded the installation.

Just recently I covered installing Subversion 1.4.6 to Windows Vista. This time I'll be installing TortoiseSVN on that same machine.

The setup

The system I'm using is a HP Pavilion a6360t, with 4GB install RAM, 2.20 GHz, with two cores, running Windows Vista Ultimate SP1, 32-bit.

Downloading TortoiseSVN

Since TortoiseSVN is for Windows, it makes it even easier to find the version to download. Right on the home page we see a link for the download page, where we can get a copy of the most current version.

At the time of this writing that's version 1.4.8, built against version 1.4.6 of Subversion.

I'll be downloading the file TortoiseSVN-

Installing TortoiseSVN

Running the program, you'll work your way through a number of installation screens.

Install screens

TortoiseSVN Setup Screen 1 TortoiseSVN Setup Screen 2 TortoiseSVN Setup Screen 3 TortoiseSVN Setup Screen 4 TortoiseSVN Setup Screen 5 TortoiseSVN Setup Screen 6


With TortoiseSVN installed, we can now interact with Subversion in a Windows-friendly way, instead of relying upon the command line.

In a later article, we'll actually use Subversion and TortoiseSVN to put a Web site under source control, as well as a Windows application (based upon the .NET Framework).

While I've covered Dreamweaver in the past, I'll be looking at using Subversion with Visual Studio, to see if it's indeed possible.

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